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This is an important area. It is often forgotten how the room layout and acoustic attenuation affects speech and singing and therefore is directly related to speech intelligibility. Through a greater understanding of how to best manage the premises can often accomplish great results despite being rather simple and inexpensive. This is especially important for a new construction or renovation of the premises. With the right approach, large additional costs can be saved. Fixing challenges afterwards is often very expensive!

We have a number of courses in the area and Dr. Thomas Lagö is an international expert on the subject. Our courses creates a whole new understanding of how simple means can achieve a significantly better environment. Contact us if you want to know more or need consulting help!

We recommend the following course: Introduction to Acoustics
The course has an emphasis on what sound is , its characteristics and how a sound meter should be used. You’ll learn the basics of sound field is built up outdoors and indoors, as well as basic room acoustics . A quick gateway that provides understanding and the right knowledge to make accurate audio measurements. The course is intended for those who use sound meters or simple sound analyzer for example in occupational health , security operations or for room acoustics , working in an acoustic lab or designing machines that radiates sound.

We also recommend the following course: Course in Acoustics and Vibration
Intermediate course in acoustics and vibration , with an emphasis on how sound and vibration affecting humans and machines. Methods to reduce these impacts dealt with examples from applications around the world. Sensors and measurement technology with a focus on common misconceptions and / or errors that are often made are discussed and methods to reduce this presents. The course is a fast gateway that provides a good understanding and a solid foundation to make accurate sound and vibration measurements. The course also provides a good understanding of how sound and vibration affecting humans and machines as well as the typical standards applied and the man must reduce this impact.