Bio Trace

Further development includes signal extraction algorithms for biological age classification (BioTrace). This became a success due to the extension work on underwater current flow that was very similar to blood flow in the body. The MFPT approaches and strategies became important. The challenge has to do with the separation of the first and second “pulse”, its shape, position and height.

“A man is as old as his artery” claimed Thomas Sydenham, a 17th Century Physician. The BIO-TRACE unit utilizes infrared light to penetrate the finger to measure the pressure waves in the blood flow. These pressure waves are related to multiple health factors including Biological Age, Heart Rate, Arterial Health, Body Mass Index and other factors important to the assessment of cardio vascular health. By the introduction of a new approach to the estimation of these pressure or volume waves, it is possible to measure more accurately and provide enhanced data quality. The Symmiktos Method™ was developed to resolve similar challenges with flow estimation under water. Dr Lagö, the developer of the Symmiktos Method™, is the instigator of the Symmiktos II™ for the BIO-TRACE device. The pressure pulse in the blood stream has two main components:

  1. BioTrace 1The main pressure wave when the heart is pumping blood into the system.
  2. The reflected pulse due to the flexibility of the arteries. The second reflected pulse is smaller but its value and position will offer key information relative to arterial health. The more flexible the arteries, the healthier the person is and the lower their biological age is.
    In the figure, Fw is the main pressure wave and Rw is the reflected wave.

The DVP shape, which is related to the latency and amplitude of the second wave, changes with the actual “biological age”. When the arteries are “young,” the two waves are typically well separated. When the individual is older, the two waves come closer together and it is more difficult to separate them.

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