Blues and Rock

John Payne (ASIA) and Raiding The Rock Vault in Las Vegas

John Payne 2 LRJohn Payne is a great performer and appears today on LVH in Las Vegas. He has engaged a number of great rock artists and his show has been named “Best in Vegas.” LVH is Elvis Presley’s “old hotel” and John has Elvis’ lounge and they perform in the consort hall where Elvis used to sing. It has been difficult to get the sound to be evenly spread in the room, reaching out to the sides and get right levels under the balconies. In a test with Qirra Sound (only 2 speakers), the whole room had an extremely smooth and even sound level. Sound engineers walked around using sound level meters, and found it hard to understand how “this happened” with only two speakers. The picture to the right shows John Payne in one of his appearances during the show. He has a big sound interest and that is why the Qirra Sound team and John Payne spends some time together when they meet in Las Vegas. Thomas Lagö handled the sound.

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Sävsjö Blues 1Blues night in Sävsjö

Sävsjö is located in the highlands in the south of Sweden. The QirraSound system was tested when a Blues Team was performing. A system consisting of 2x Odin and 2x Baldur plus 1x Thor II (subwoofer) was used. Visitors said it was the best sound they have ever heard. Thomas has received a “thank you letter” from the performers. They had never experienced better sound and loved to play using QirraSound! One of the advantages with Qirra Sound is that the sound levels are very evenly distributed and it is not frustrating to stand in front of the loudspeaker. For a blues night like this, it is an appreciated feature. Thomas Lagö handled the sound.

Series 6

We did a Qirra Sound system test with a young rock band ( in Houston, Texas, USA, the summer of 2012. With their speakers and 115 dB, it was impossible to be in the room without hearing protection. With our speakers, it was fully enjoyable and no problems at all, despite the same levels (actually about 3 dB more) and you could “feel the sound” extremely good but it did not hurt your ears. They were shocked at the difference. They could make each other perform better and their guitarist was taken by how well he could hear what / how he played. Thomas Lagö handled the sound.






Rock City Hultsfred

We demoed Qirra Sound at Rock City in Hultsfred and did an AB testing with their existing systems. Excellent results! Qirra Sound gave an even and uniform sound with great clarity and you suddenly heard instruments that are not able to discern in their system. That was not the same with the existing system despite many more speakers. Thomas Lagö handled the sound.

Modern Electronic Music

House music and the new electronic music is extremely demanding. In tests conducted with a DJ and music expert (17 years old) in Utah, all of these new styles of music styles were tested. The results were shockingly good he claimed. All of his tests normally sounded distorted and most often destroyed the speakers. The test could be carried out with extreme clarity and no burnt speakers. He was stunned about what could be handled. Thomas Lagö handled the sound.