ChefDance Park City

ChefDance PC 4The ChefDance event in Park City is arranged by Mimi Kim and her husband Kenny Griswold.

We handled the sound during ChefDance which is part of the Sundance Film Festival (Robert Redford owns Sundance) in Park City, Utah, USA. Qirra Sound was tested in full and below are some examples on what we handled:

  • ChefDance PC 6DJ with modern electronic music: Jimmy Chunga, an international DJ, was completely blown away by the sound quality. His music got a whole new dimension, he said. This electronic music is very demanding. (
  • Top Performers in the U.S. and winner of major music competitions such as American Idol.
  • Karaoke: When we would finish at 2:00 in the morning, we had more than 50 persons who stood in line and wanted to sing. They loved the sound quality and how easy it was to sing and hear himself and the music.
  • Rapper (Matisyahu, etc.) and so on. EVERYONE was so impressed despite their background that “jaw dropped”. For the first time one could hear what rappers singing (not necessarily good). Clarity and “presence” is extreme in QirraSound speakers and those who were on the dance floor in Park City could talk to each other and simultaneously hear what is sung and said.

ChefDance PC 2The Qirra Sound system consisted of 2x Odin and 1 Thor II (subwoofer). The sound was evenly spread in the dance area that was combined with a bar. Many high level artists performed.
During the dinners, a selection of artists perform. Qirra Sound has been responsible for the sound system the latest two ChefDance events during the Sundance Film Festival i Park City Utah.

For more information in regards to ChefDance, please visit the home page:

ChefDance Mimi 2Before the ChefDance event started, Mimi and Kenny invited a selected team to their cabin for a kick-off party with karaoke, great food, wine and drinks. Qirra Sound provided the sound system for this event too.

Thomas Lagö and the team in the USA handled the sound.