Experience the Experience

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QirraSound represents a paradigm shift in sound engineering according to many listeners. There are not any group, audio expert, professor or singers who do not confirmed this, after they listened. Before, they were very sceptical. It’s such a big step that you cannot explain and it must be experienced. QirraSound is breaking many previous “truths” in audio engineering. Hence, even audio experts often scratch their heads and wonder how QirraSound have succeeded in creating such a sound?!

QirraSound has performed a number of demonstrations and concerts to show and convince teams how this new sound system can “break” the constraints that we thought mattered. Because this is so groundbreaking it is necessary to get into Experience the Experience!

Below, we document a number of these perceived experiences from large international singers and performers. Contact us for more information in regards to their testimonials.

You are in a concert and the sound hurts your face. Your ears are pounding despite the yellow earplugs. The sound is very loud but you cannot hear what they sing. The performers seem to have challenges with the monitor speakers and sometimes they sing out of tune. You start to dream:

  • What if you could enjoy a concert?
  • No hearing protection needed!
  • No monitor speakers that ruins the sound quality!
  • Feedback problems have diminished!
  • The sound goes everywhere, even into corners!
  • You can stand in front of the speaker without feeling bad!
  • You can hear what they sing – even if you have a hearing loss!
  • You can talk to your neighbor without screaming!
  • You want to hear all details in the sound!

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QirraSound™ changes the paradigm and the dream comes true. Huge artists describe the sound as:

  • The most fantastic sound I have ever heard – Merrill and Nathan Osmond, mega artists
  • Magical and incredibly good – Theresa Ellis, world fiddler
  • The sound was so clean it was magical – Jonathan Gorst, Musicals NY/Vegas
  •  I performed much better – Randal Keith/Jean Valjean in Les Miserables
  • I have never heard anything like it – Ted Keegan/Phantom of the Opera

QirraSound™ cannot be explained – it has to be experienced!

That is why we have the tag line: Experience the Experience!

Below, you can see what some go the relayed in more words than above:

“QirraSound™ is the most amazing sound technology that I have ever heard or performed with. It was definitely an experience that anyone who appreciates pristine sound needs to experience for themselves – and the NO FEEDBACK technology is AMAZING.”
Nathan Osmond (Country Solo Artist)

“QirraSound™ – What a difference. An extraordinary and magical feeling came over me when I played the violin solo my late husband wrote for me. It felt as if he was standing by my side, guiding me and telling me that this is how he intended the piece to sound. I have to say, it was THE most awesome experience of my performing life.”
Theresa Ellis (violin/fiddler, solo performer)

“It was as if I was present at a live concert! As I continued to enjoy the moment, I realized how loud the music was, but that I could still carry on a conversation with the person next to me without having to yell or raise my voice.”
Doug Jenkins (Music lover)

“I love the new QirraSound. Singing at the demo, I found that I didn’t miss any notes, like usual. I think it’s because the sound is so clear, so present and alive that it creates an instant feedback into my ears which allows me to put the note exactly as I hear it in my mind.” JC, Utah

“Singing with the Qirra Sound system was an amazingly new experience for me. I could actually hear myself singing and there was no monitor. Apparently, with QirraSound, you don’t need one!” RC, Utah

“I was particularly impressed when we had the live performances in both vocal and instrumental and watch and listened as the performers walked around the hall and there was no change in the sound at any time, even when they stood by a speaker. There was never any feedback and the performers did not require any ear pieces. WOW!” LJ, Utah

“It is amazing! You must hear it to believe it. Or as Qirra says: “Experience The Experience” You will be convinced!” LE, Utah

“No more feedback. No more blown out speakers. No more blurring of sound. No more headaches. It is amazing! You must hear it to believe it.” LE, Utah