GDPR Qirra Sound 2018

We are storing data that you provide us with. ​

Web pages, social media and marketing ​

We collect personal data such as your name, email address and other information you voluntarily send to us. These data are necessary to fulfill an agreement with you as a customer and that certain data is used to communicate with you as a customer. We do not collect and store information we receive from your browser such as IP address. We use the information for:

  • Marketing such as email mailing with newsletters and promotions
  • Marketing by postal mail
  • Any surveys and surveys (rare)


Email marketing is provided when you enter into an agreement with Qirra Sound regarding this. Email marketing and information can be canceled directly in the respective mailing.

We will not disclose data about you​

We will not disclose data about you to subcontractors and other companies unless explicitly requested by you as a customer (eg request for quotation or similar).

Cookies ​

We do not currently use coockies.

You have rights ​

In May 2018, your rights will be extended and changed in relation to how your data is processed. You can read more about GDPR here. The link will open in a new window.

  • You are entitled to know what we are doing with your data.
  • You are entitled to know why the data is being processed.
  • During which period the treatment is in progress.
  • Who takes part in the data and the consequences of the treatment.
  • You can request a registry extract free of charge, clearly indicating what information you want to share. The registry extract will be sent to your home address.
  • We respond to your requests without undue delay and latest within one month.
  • You as a customer are entitled to supplement with relevant missing information.
  • If you detect incorrect data, you are entitled to request correction of the wrong one.

Change the approval of how we handle data

You can revoke your consent by contacting Qirra Sound.

  • To terminate your agreement with Qirra Sound.
  • If you do not want us to contact you via email. Then you can unsubscribe from emails that will be sent to you.

Your application must be in writing and include full name, social security number and any contractual number.

Privacy policy in total 

This privacy policy is adopted by QirraSound Technologies Europe AB for handling personal data regarding your contacts with Qirra Sound as visitors of our web pages, social media channels and as recipients of newsletters or other information from Qirra Sound. The new privacy policy has been developed for the new EU requirement, GDPR, which replaces today’s PUL (Personal Data Act).

For request of excerpt, deletion and / or porting use the following contact:

QirraSound Technologies Europe AB (org number 556886-1297)
Dr. Thomas Lagö, CTO & Chairman
Slagetorp 2, 57692 Sävsjö, Sweden