Expert Consultancy

QirraSound Technologies Europe AB offers expert consultancy in all areas related to noise and vibration, good or bad, humans or machines.

Dr Thomas Lagö has successfully handled many international projects where other groups have failed (Mission Impossible is His Mission). As examples can be mentioned several projects and courses at NASA, the Indian Navy , Volvo, SAAB, Scania , Atlas Copco, Bofors and other high-tech companies with quite unique needs. Thomas Lagö conducted a training summer 2013 for one of China’s leading companies in the field. After one of Thomas Lagö’s ” workshops ” in the United States, they chose him as a partner to build one of China’s best audio lab in the aerospace, automotive and high-speed train industry. Their research director attended the course and he was very pleased!

We can help with advice prior to building a new church or concert hall. By using us in an early stage, you can save big money by making it right the first time.

We can provide documentation and measurement service in both sound and vibration areas. We have extensive high quality measurement systems and knowledge to implement both simple and difficult measurements. We also conduct international training courses in the fields and is therefore very well versed in the standards and principles, even between countries and continents.