Qirra Sound Technologies Europe AB is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of Qirra Sounds sound system globally, but also handles sales in Europe and China. Manufacturing takes place in Sweden. The following list describes the people currently involved in Qirra Sound Technologies Europe AB:

Dr. Thomas L. Lagö: He has lived in the USA since 21 years back and travel in Europa, India, China and USA in conjunction with courses, educational programs, demonstrations or projects. Email: Swedish cell: +46 708 357337. USA cell: +1 479 571 0035.

Dr Dan Maguire: He lives in the USA but is an internationally acknowledged expert in regards to Active Noise and Vibration Cancellation technologies (ANVC). He has a vast industrial experience. He is focusing on technology, installation and sales. Email: Phone: Mb-US +1 260 908 1355, Mb-UK +44 745 239 1884.

Mårten Westman: He is mainly working with technology, installation, demonstrations and sales. He also participates in selected courses within this field. Email: Swedish Cell: +46 70-536 19 98

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Qirra Sound Technologies Europe AB is located at:

Slagetorp 2
57692 Sävsjö, Sweden

VAT #: SE556886-1297-01