Mission Boat ELIDA

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To perform well with the sound in a vast range of ports where this missionsbåt is docking, can be a real challenge. The sound can not be too loud on the boat and at the same time it is essential that all at the people at the dock or in the land area will hear well.

Qirra Sound got the opportunity to demonstrate what the system can do during the final concert and gathering in Gothenburg, end of summer 2013. Though the speakers were “just placed” on the boat given what was possible without proper installation, the sound was very good. The levels on the boat were reasonable and listeners in the harbor area could hear well. The only challenge was the subwoofer that should have been hung a little higher. The rather large surfaces at the boat side creates nasty sound glare which complicates the sound. Overall comments were very good despite a very difficult application. Thomas Lagö handled the sound.

You can read more about Elida “Sailing for Jesus” on http://www.elida.se/viewNavMenu.do?menuID=371