The SAAB 340 aircraft leaves Hultsjö, 36 passenger aircraft!

The aircraft, a SAAB 340, has today left Hultsjö for transport to Säkerhetsparken at Arlanda where it will be part of a workstation handling sound and noise. It is a very advanced aircraft that is able to simulate many types of sounds at rather high sound levels inside the aircraft. The aircraft was previously used for projects in regard to the ANC technology (Active Noise Control). The future is exciting!

Mor info at Instagram
move 52 minutes into the program and you can take part of Ljudombudsmannen, October 30.

HRF:s “Hörselvecka”

Radio P4 in Jönköping visited Thomas Lagö October 12. It was in regard to “Hörselveckan” arranged by HRF. Hasse Pettersson atå Radio P4 Jönköping was responsible.

2.09 into the material, the program begins.

HRF has a campaign “The Silent Revolution”

The campaign starts next week (v42) when “hörselveckan” starts. The campaign is founded on the platform in regard to digital access that became a law recently. This is paramount for people with a hearing deficiency.

In the campaign, collaboration with companies and key experts  in regard to these topics will be handled. You can find more information at the web plattform Qirra Sound values this work and is also supporting Olive Osmond Hearing Foundation in the USA.

Every Friday, we will have an open ZOOM-channel!

Live zoom-channel every Friday 13.30-14.30

The success continues …..

Ljudombudsmannen answers sound questions together with Dr Thomas Lagö.

Any question is welcome. Follow this link

Welcome from Lars and Thomas

Lars Bergh, Ljudombudsman
Ljudombudsmannen AB

Today, Tuesday, we will deliver our conference paper at InterNoise in South Korea.

August 23, 20:00 – 20:40 (KST) NOW

​​Opening Ceremony YouTube link is:

August 23, 20:40 – 21:20 (KST) SOON!

​​ 1st Plenary Lecture Zoom Access link is:

August 24, 13:00 ~ (KST) : Special Live Presentation

Area 2 & 3 link is:

 Area 4 link is:

 Area 5 link is:

 Area 8 & 9 & 10 link is:

 Area 11 link is:

 Area 14 link is:

Area 6 : August 25, 13:00 ~ 14:20

Area 7 : August 25, 14:40 ~ 15:20: Industrial Noise

Area 18 : August 25, 16:00 ~ 17:00


Qirra Sound will participate at the conference “Sound and Hearing” – a theme day for musicians and pedagogs in music.

April 08, 2017 – 10:00 to 17:00, Kronhuset, Kronhusgatan 1D (, Göteborg

Organizer: “With Ears for Orchestra” (organised by Sweden’s Orchestra Association)
With Ears for Orchestra invite orchestral and culture school teachers and interested for a full day of seminars and exhibitions in regards to the areas of sound and hearing. Learn more about the ear and hearing, about the risks and rights for musicians and teachers, but also about how you create good sound quality. Lectures are held by: Karin Engqvist – doctor on Artist and Musicians Health, Sound Ombudsman Lars Bergh, Anders Jönsson – Master of technical audiology, Andreas Sjögren – audiologist, Josefine Ludvigsson – audiologist, Thomas Lagö – Doctor and Adjunct Professor in engineering acoustics, Per brake – ear doctor. In addition, exhibitors with products and services in the areas of sound and hearing. Drop-in coffee from 10:00, seminar starting 11:00, closing 17:00. NOTE: Registration is required! For more information and a link to the registration see www.orkesterö Price: 160 SEK. Includes lunch and refreshments. You can pay at location.


Warning for Arbetsmiljöverket’s Bullerapp 

Arbetsmiljöverket markets a Noiseapp that do not meet the legal requirements for noise measurements! The Noiseapp cannot perform professional audio measurements and errors can be as large as 10 dB or even greater! Arbetsmiljöverket is aware of this ……How does thas fit with their mission? We see it as important that an authority like Arbetsmiljöverket adheres to the standards and methods that are internationally accepted. Today that is not the case. Should the legal requirements be fulfilled, it is not possible to use a “self-built carpenter ruler”. That is exactly why there are standards and a type-classification of the instruments when measurements with  legal requirements are to be performed. Arbetsmiljöverket is, however, adding a disclaimer on their website, which is great but it’s not what the typical customer “reads” : Read our PDF text for more information (in Swedish only): Arbetsmiljöverket comparison Feb 2017 final


Qirra Sound participate in the Teknikdag in, Jönköping Januari 14, 2017 
Qirra Sounds Dr Thomas Lagö talked about:

  • How the psycho acoustics will impact the sound in the church? Myths and facts!
  • The difference in between sound level and sound quality. Myths and facts!

The day is organized by the Swedish Alliance Mission, SAM / SAU headquartered in Jönköping. Sara Vittgård was handling the event and different groups from all over Sweden were invited. She is a Music Consultant within SAU / SAM. We were also included in the panel discussion along with Swedish Guru of Tech ( We want to jointly create a wider support for better sound! Even the “Sound Ombudsman” participated during the day. The new Sound Handbook was introduced, a manual for better sound in churches and similar premises. The team that created this audio-guide are individuals with an interest to help churches, offices, schools, conference rooms, restaurants and many other facilities to become beautiful, quiet, easy to communicate in at the same time being cost effective. Being able to hear and understand what is being said is important! We take an holistic approach to all the factors: design, sound, acoustics and the environment. We create what many wish they could get but have not yet succeeded with! Do you want a good sound environment that is efficient, beautiful, durable and cost effective? Contact Us!


Qirra Sound has developed a Sound-Handbook  
Qirra Sound has together with VILAX AB and Ljudombudsmannen created The Sound Alliance that jointly work for better sound and acoustic quality in many types of premises. In connection with this, a Sound-Handbook has been developed as a great educational tool that addresses common questions. It is also available in English.


Qirra Sound’s Thomas Lagö will present “Sound Analysis for Wind Turbines”
Qirra Sound’s Dr. Thomas Lagö will talk about Sound Analysis for Wind Turbine applications at the day in regards to wind turbine expansion in the region, organised by the Vi Organisation and held at Folkets Hus in Åseda, Sweden. For more information, look at the attached folder (in Swedish though) vi_foldera4_tryckny


Qirra Sound’s Thomas Lagö has been selected as an “Associate Editor for SAE International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, and NVH”
sae-india-logoQirra Sound’s Dr. Thomas Lagö has been selected as an “Associate Editor for SAE International Journal of Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, and NVH” and will also organize the session “Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH)” together with Dr. Saeed J. Siavoshani in connection with SIAT (Symposium on International Automotive Technology) organized by SAE India and ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India). The theme of SIAT 2017 is “Smart, Safe and Sustainable Mobility”.


Qirra Sound will participate at the SAE/JSAE 2016 conference 
sae-logo-lrQirra Sound will participate at the conference “SAE / JSAE 2016 SMALL ENGINE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION,” November 15-17, 2016. The conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Charleston Convention Center Charleston, South Carolina, United States. The conference theme is Towards Safer and More Sustainable Small Engines and Applications. Our Dr. Thomas Lagö will organize two sessions and will be chairman of the two sessions NVH Technology and Functional Safety. He also serves on the Board of Directors. You can read more about the conference in the attached flyer, sae-setc-p1641890_setc_electronic_flyerv2.


Qirra Sound will participate at the SAE 2017 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition 
Qirra Sound will participate at the conference SAE 2017 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition, June 12-15, 2017. It will be held at DeVos Place Convention Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Our Dr. Thomas Lagö organizes several sessions and will also chair and hold a workshop. He also serves on the Board of Directors. QirraSound will be responsible for the sound. You can read more about the conference in the attached flyer, or through the link


Septon becomes distributor for Studio Six Digital in Sweden

Septon Electronic AB has signed an agreement with Qirra Sound Technologies Europe AB as the exclusive distribution for the Studio Six Digital’s products in Sweden for the segments Consumer, Pro Audio and environmental noise. Studio Six Digital develops iOS app Audio Tools and complementary products and associated measuring equipment to obtain full value of the app’s capabilities. Audio Tools along with dedicated measuring equipment offers the most price efficient approach to perform audio and dB measurements in the public environment, RTA measurements in the live context and room analysis for acoustic treatment, etc. Please contact us for more information or read more at or contact Martin Schöld at Septon: +46 8-564 82 211 or +46 707-694569.


Qirra Sound will participate at Arbetsmiljödagarna i Norr
Qirra Sound will participate in the Arbetsmiljödagarna i Norr (Work Environment Days in the North of Sweden) arranged by Anders Wistemar and Lars Koverberg. Qirra Sound will also manage the sound during the conference. The theme handles success factors for creating great workplaces. Often, sound and noise plays a big role, and this is a topic that Qirra Sound specializes in and can help with.


Qirra Sound has presented a scientific paper at ICSV 23 i Aten
Qirra Sound har presenterat sitt vetenskapliga papper “PERMANENTLY DEPLOYED SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL ARRAYS FOR PUBLIC SPACES”, skrivet av Dr. Daniel J. Maguire and Dr. Thomas L. Lagö. ICSV 23 (23:rd International Congress on Sound and Vibration) hölls den 10-14 juli i Aten och arrangerades av IIAV (International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration) och ca 1000 internationella experter deltog.


Qirra Sound has installed a complete sound system at Kosta Lodge.
Kosta Lodge 1 LRQirra Sound har installerat ett komplett ljudsystem i de nya och fina lokalerna som Kosta Lodge precis har öppnat. De ville ha Sveriges bästa restaurangljud och det har de fått nu.


Qirra Sound will present a scientific paper at ICSV 23 conference in Athen
Qirra Sound skall presentera sitt vetenskapliga papper “PERMANENTLY DEPLOYED SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL ARRAYS FOR PUBLIC SPACES”, skrivet av Dr. Daniel J. Maguire and Dr. Thomas L. Lagö. ICSV 23 (23:rd International Congress on Sound and Vibration) hålls den 10-14 juli i Aten och arrangeras av IIAV (International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration) och ca 1000 internationella experter deltar. http://www.icsv23.org2016-04-28


Qirra Sound has been approved for a Vinnova funding

Qirra Sound has received support from Vinnova. The project title is: Smart and easy-to-use audio / analysis systems for restaurants and industries. Purpose and Objectives: There is a problem with loud noise in restaurants, offices, theaters, industrial facilities and many other places. We will create an electronic platform for iPhone / iPad and approved microphones and sensors used for professional measurements can be made at a fraction of the cost. This will be an invaluable tool that simplifies and clarifies how important sound is for politicians, architects, our health and leads to a quieter, healthier and more comfortable society and a higher quality of construction. Modern IT technology gives us these opportunities! The project will develop a platform that is tailored to professional measurements can be performed at a fraction of the price and without highly skilled experts required. With traditional systems, it is easy to get lost in ‘the instrument jungle’ with too many menus and settings. Through an electronic platform and Apps to an iPhone / iPad, it will lead to better acoustic measurements and ultimately a quieter and more quiet world. The hard part is to make it easy, but this is the goal of the project!

The funding is 500 kSEK. More details to come.


Qirra Sound demonstrated its great sound in Kosta, Sweden
Labero Kosta 1 smallQirra Sound has demonstrated its superior sound system in conjunction with Joe Labero’s show in Kosta (Sweden) Friday and Saturday the 23:th and 24:th of April. Labero’s show is magical and a great experience. QirraSound’s speakers are often described as “magical” in regards to  the sound experience, because its is possible to hear details and sounds that you have not heard before. In addition, everyone can enjoy the sound, young and old.


Qirra Sound participates at the SAE Institute’s “Meet-up Concept Day” April 18

SAE Institute logoQirra Sound’s Dr Thomas Lagö will speak at SAE Institute’s “Meet-up Concept” day April 18, at the Sound Trade Studio’s premises in Solna, together with Lars Bergh, Ljudombudsmannen. The invitation was made by Jian Rödblom, Business Development Manager for SAE Global. The event starts 18:30 with mingle. This is a “Meet-up concept” that collectively will keep us updated on a regular basis, learn from each other in various coalitions and the experts that we invited occasionally. Invited members are SAE’s Staff, Alumni and Students with SSES (Swedish Sound Engineering Society) and representatives from other industries, networks and hubs. For more information in regards the SAE Institute, visit:

We will also participate in the SAE Alumni Convention 2016 in Cologne, October 11 to 12, 2016. (The Alumni name is somewhat misleading, since it is the staff, the media industry, VIPs and students who are the majority of attendees) For more info, see:

Qirra Sound’s sound system at ÅvanpÅ in Staffanstorp, Sweden
Robert Wells 1ÅvanpÅ in Staffanstorp has a Qirra Sound loudspeaker system installed. Friday April 22, Robert Wells will come to ÅvanpÅ, celebrating 30 years  of touring. Thomas Lagö will be at location and will handle the sound engineering and mixing. Are you also up for one unique experience?? Come to ÅvanpÅ and celebrate together with VILAX’s team and the Robert Wells trio.


Qirra Sound talks about sound at Radio P4 Stockholm
radio 1Qirra Sound’s Dr. Thomas Lagö is one of the “Sound Doctors” who will regularly discuss sound and noise during an hour on Radio P4 Stockholm together with Pär Fontander. Lars Bergh (Audio Ombudsman) and Thomas Lagö are the “Audio Doctors discussing sound and noise in the radio program and answer questions from listeners. You can listen to the program at the link below (in Swedish). There will be more programs and the response has been very positive!


Qirra Sound educates a trucking company in regards to Sound and Vibration
Qirra Sound’s team, consisting of Dr. Thomas Lagö and Dr. Dan Maguire has completed a 4-days training for a group of experts at a trucking company in Sweden. The course was very much appreciated and a series of advanced courses will follow.


Qirra Sound is sponsoring the Jungle Book musical in Eksjö
Djungelboken 59357840-aEsf0Qirra Sound sponsors the group “TeaterTolvans” set of The Jungle Book in Eksjö with its quality sound. For such a show, it is very important to hear what all the players say and get a good sound spread throughout the venue, and the music must be experienced with good quality as well as performance. The Qirra Sound installation has received very good reviews and especially for people with a hearing loss since they feel an extra quality enhancement. The Jungle Book will play until April 17. Come and experience the unique Qirra Sound sound in an excellent, very lovely and nice performance. You can read more at this link

The musical director Gunnar Forsell says of Qirra Sound: “I think the sound is easy to listen to since you hear everything clearly. No heavy bass that beats in the breast is one factor. Soft and “easy on the body” and that makes it very easy to follow the action. The sound never becomes rough, even when the actors sometimes are screaming to each other. It enables them to play in full and forcefully without having to relate to the microphones. Thanks, the hard part was so easy when using Qirra Sound! ”


Qirra Sound is being used at X-Level Studios
X Level Dreamhill 2 smallQirra’s unique loudspeakers are being tested in the prestigious and historic EMI studio in Stockholm which now goes under the name X-level studios. Willem Bleeker, who is their sound manager says: “The first thing I noticed was the amazing resolution in the sound! Now, I suddenly hear both the reverb start and end, clearly in the whirlpool. Whilst I have been working with the Qirra speakers for a while, I also realise that I am not being as sound fatigued as before.” Are you also interested in Experiencing the Experience? Contact us!

X Level Dreamhill 1 small




Qirra Sound talks about sound at Radio P4 Stockholm
radio 1Qirra Sound’s Dr. Thomas Lagö is one of the “sound doctors” who regularly discuss sound and noise topics during an hour on Radio P4 Stockholm together with Pär Fontander. Lars Bergh (Audio Ombudsman) and Thomas Lagö are “Audio Doctors discussing sound and noise in the radio program and answer listeners’ questions. You can listen to the program at the link below (in Swedish). There will be more programs and the response has been very positive!


Qirra Sound and
Qirra Sound is participating in the project showing restaurants where diners have rated the sound environment. Find, rate, comment and give advice on more dining options with sound environments that you like. We know that these are the restaurants that care about the guests, using softer surfaces, quiet fans and silent machines, sound attenuation, low music with great songs and gentle routines. When there is a need, we can help creating good sonic and acoustic environments with cost effective solutions. The plan is to set up a similar home page in the USA.


Qirra Sound participated at the JSAE SETC conference in Japan

SETC Badge Lagö smallQirra Sound’s Dr Thomas Lagö has chaired several sessions at the SETC conference in Osaka, Japan. The conference was organised by the SAE in the USA and JSAE in Japan. Dr Lagö has also been involved in the Organizing Committee and has taken over from Harley Davidson’s executive who retired. It was a good conference with more than 350 experts from 18 countries. Dr Lagö was chairman for the following sessions:JSAE SETC IMG_3704 B small

  • Vehicle NVH
  • Vehicle Safety I
  • Vehicle Safety II
  • Vehicle Dynamics

There were many good and interesting talks at the conference. It’s always nice to be in Japan. Good food and they show great reverence and respect. The next conference will be held in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.


Qirra Sound has been installed in Åtvidaberg’s Church

Qirra Sound has installed a sound system in Åtvidabergs church belonging to the Swedish Church (Svenska Kyrkan). The church has a large surface area equivalent to 34 x 19 meters (110 x 63 feet) and the sound must be clear and equal across this great surface and handle many different types of events with different sound requirements. Speech intelligibility is especially important. Qirra Sounds unique sound quality, speech clarity and distributing properties could solve this challenging task. The installation has been carried out with MSW Elektronik & Teknik i Vimmerby and EFA Ljud & Pianoservice in Rimforsa, partners to Qirra Sound under the portal


Qirra Sound has been installed at Kista Science City, NOD

Qirra Sound has installed a sound system at Atrium Ljungberg’s office building in Kista Science City, NOD, Sweden’s new and creative meeting space for companies and education. The venue has a large open space but the sound must be clear and equal across this large surface and handle many different types of events with different sound requirements. Qirra Sounds unique sound quality and properties could solve this challenging task.The system is installed in the ceiling in the reception area and can handle background music/audio, event, and numerous other applications. The installation has been carried out jointly with MSW Elektronik & Teknik in Vimmerby,  a Qirra Sound partner.


JSAE SETC Conference in Japan

Qirra Sound will participate at the JSAE SETC conference in Japan (Japan Society for Automotive Engineering, the Small Engine Technology Committee). Dr. Lagö will chair several sessions at the conference and is also part the board for the conference. For more information, visit


Per Erik Hallin 7 cropped smallThe pianist Per-Erik Hallin visited Hultsjö

The pianist and vocalist Per-Erik Hallin visited Hultsjö outside Sävsjö in Sweden. Qirra Sound handled the sound and Per-Erik expressed particular satisfaction with this and visitors applauded. A nice article in Småland’s Dagblad appraised the arrangement made by Svenska Kyrkan in Sävsjö, Sweden. Sofia Wernbo participated and sang a few very nice duets with Per-Erik. You can also read about the concert at 


Strategic order from the USA

Qirra Sound has received a relatively large order from a major automotive company in the United States in regards to systems to reduce low frequency noise by active methods. This is a first step and more systems are planned. This is an important and strategic order.


Qirra Sound has been installed at Ädelfors Folkhögskola

Qirra Sound has installed a sound system at Ädelfors Folkhögskola outside Vetlanda in Sweden. This college have conferences frequently and various other events and the sound system needs to be easy to use plus create a really good sound and able to handle all types of speech, music and singing. Qirra Sound’s unique sound quality and distribution properties could solve this challenging task. The installation has been carried out together with MSW Elektronik & Teknik in Vimmerby (Sweden), a partner to Qirra Sound.


NUVAB 1 smallNUVAB in Vetlanda, Sweden

Dr. Thomas Lagö held a lecture for the NUVAB Team in Vetlanda, Sweden, who had invited a number of local companies. The presentation dealt with noise and vibration abatement, and how the various approaches can achieve good results, meeting legislations and standards. You can read more at 


VILAX Fest 1 LRÅvanpÅ in Staffanstorp, Sweden

Qirra Sound has installed a complete audio system in VILAX’s banquet hall ÅvanpÅ in Staffanstorp. Do you want to know more about ÅvanpÅ, visit www.åvanpå.se Please come visit and listen to the sound from Qirra Sound, Experience the Experience!


Dr Dan Maguire is part of the Qirra Sound team

Qirra Sound has hired Dr. Dan Maguire. He is an international renowned expert on ANVC methods (Active Noise and Vibration Control). He spoke at the SAE NVC conference in Grand Rapids och and also presented a paper at the ICSV Conference in Italy this summer (International Conference for Sound and Vibration). He is a valued expert in the Qirra Sound team where his competence and international experience and network first perfect with Qirra Sound’s goals. He was selected as the ANVC expert during the lunch meetings “Chat With The Expert” arranged at the SAE Conference in Grand Rapids.


SAE SETC, Small Engine Technology Committee

Dr. Thomas Lago has been selected to participate in the SAE’s team on conferences in regards to small engine technology (SETC, Small Engine Technology Committee). He will function as an organizer for sessions of noise/vibration/harshness (NVH). He has taken over this role from Ken Kicinski of Harley-Davidson, USA. JSAE, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, is pleased to announce that the 21st Conference on Small Engine Technology Conference (SETC) will be held in Osaka, Japan from November 17-19, 2015. The conference is jointly sponsored by JSAE and SAE International with support from the Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association (LEMA) and the Japan Marine Industry Association (JMIA). For more information,visit:


Qirra SAE NVC 2015 LRSAE Noise and Vibration Conference

Qirra Sound handled the sound at the SAE Conference SAE noise and Vibration Conference. The conference was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Dr. Lagö has been in the SAE committee for 15 years and is also chairman and organiser for several sessions. He also arranged a workshop, The History and Future of Fourier Analysis Workshop and several lunch meetings “Chat With The Experts” where conference visitors could meet the world’s leading experts in various fields and and ask questions or discuss “what to do”. Both the workshop and the “Chat With The Experts” was highly appreciated. During the conference, separate meetings and workshops on Sound Quality were held. They are key and important areas and Qirra Sound’s sound made a big difference according to the visitors and lecturers. Qirra Sound had both its US and Sweden team in place.


SAE will launch SAE International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration in 2016.

The editorial team is seeking a dynamic editorial board to promote the journal. Dr Lagö has been identified  as a renowned expert in the field and dedicated SAE technical session organizer and reviewer. Therefore, he has been invited to serve as an associate editor of SAE International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration.  

As a member of the editorial board, Dr Lagö  is expected to contribute to the growth of the journal. In particular: contribute ideas for the journal development; submit best works to the journal; encourage colleagues and other contacts to contribute their works to the journal, referee articles and/or invite suitable referees for the submitted papers; advise the editorial team of current important research activities and initiate special focused issues; and provide feedback on issues related to journal policy and progress of the journal.

The invitation was made by Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Peijun Xu, Ph.D, SAE Fellow, SAE International Journal of Vehicle Noise and Vibration


Qirra Sound is sponsoring the SAE NVC Conference in Grand Rapids, USA. Dr Thomas Lagö from Qirra Sound is heavily involved in the conference. More information can be found in the attached PDF file, SAE_FINAL_P150419_2015_Noise_and_Vibration-Brochure-DM2. THIS IS THE INDUSTRY’S PREMIER NVH & SOUND QUALITY EVENT!


Dr Thomas Lagö, a Keynote Speaker at the Symposium on International Automotive Technology 2015. Dr Thomas Lagö has been involved in SAE International’s NVH team for 15 years and was an invited keynote speaker for the SIAT, ARAI, SAE India conference held in Pune, India. The conference was a success with more than 2000 attendees from 25 countries. Ministers and representatives from governments in India, Germany, Japan, Austria, China and Korea were also invited plus other international automotive experts. Dr Lagö was the only Swedish person invited. His keynote “Green and Sustainable Technologies for the Future of Automotive” received great interest and acclaim. For more information, see:

You can view event photographs by clicking on the specified programme/technical session through the link: Dr Lagö’s  presentation was in Session 6 the 21:st.

Dr Thomas Lagö has been selected to take part in the SAE team for Small Engine Technology (SETC) Conferences. He will act as an organizer for sessions on Noise/Vibration/Harshness (NVH). He has taken over this role from Ken Kicinski of Harley-Davidson USA. JSAE, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, is pleased to announce that the 21st Small Engine Technology Conference (SETC) will be held in Osaka, Japan from November 17 to 19, 2015. The conference is jointly sponsored by JSAE and SAE International with the support of Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association (LEMA) and Japan Marine Industry Association (JMIA). For more information, see:


Dr Thomas Lagö, a Keynote Speaker at the Symposium on International Automotive Technology 2015, in India

Dr Thomas Lagö will be a Keynote Speaker at the Symposium on International Automotive Technology 2015 arranged by SAE IndiaSIAT and ARAI (January 21-24). His talk will be in regards to ”Green and Sustainable Technologies for the Future of Automotive.” The location is Pune in India. Dr Lagö is a member of SAE International and is involved in the SAE NVC conference since many years.

SAE India/SIAT/ARAI: From 14 countries, we have received around 700 abstracts, out of which around 500 were accepted and finally 217 manuscripts are being shortlisted for publication. There would be 44 keynote presentations over and above these. There would be an International Panel Discussion, wherein distinguished speakers representing top 6 vehicles manufacturing countries (China, USA, Japan, Germany, South Korea and India) will deliberate. In Technology Theatre, 12 best companies would give presentation. The conference is expected to be attended by 1800 delegates representing 25 countries. An exposition, SIAT EXPO 2015 will be organized concurrently at ARAI from 21-24 January 2015, where a spectrum of worldwide companies will showcase Automotive Products, Equipment, Services and Technology Solutions in various stalls. Second Announcement of SIAT 2015 is attached for your ready reference.

For more information in regards to the conference, please visit:


Super-Stage sound system installed at the Vandervest Harley-Davidson dealership in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA).

HD Vandervest 1 LRQirra Sound Technologies, LLC has installed one of its super-stage sound systems at the Vandervest Harley-Davidson dealer in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The sound system is manufactured by Qirra Sound Technologies Europe AB in Sweden.

“This installation will enable Vandervest Harley Davidson to hold banquets and other functions without worrying about ear splitting loud or just as bad, inaudible sounds. This Qirra Sound system will feel as if its wrapping around every corner and the sound will be of equal quality wherever you’re sitting. We’re delighted to collaborate with Vandervest Harley Davidson. I think they had doubts about installing so few loudspeakers and believing our claims but their trust will pay off going forward,” said Dr. Alan Boyer, CEO of Qirra Sound Technologies, LLC.

If you want to read more, go to the Vandervest Harley-Davidson page. For the interview with CEO Rick Vandervest, click here.


QirraSound handled sound and light for the concert at Svenska Kyrkan in HultsjöPeter Hallström that replaced Per-Erik Hallin that called in sick, gave a great concert . We received many positive comments in regards to the sound quality and Peter Hallström was very pleased. Dr Thomas Lagö handled the mixer board.


QirraSound will handle sound and light for the concert at Svenska Kyrkan in HultsjöPeter Hallström will replace Per-Erik Hallin that called in sick. We look forward to a great concert.


We have created a blog that you can visit:


SpectraQuest QirraSound 2 LRQirraSound Technologies Europe AB has signed an exclusive sales and marketing agreement covering most countries in Europe in regards to SpectraQuest’s great products. Collaboration on expansion of products and training platforms will be done on an international level and this is a strategic agreement for both QirraSound and Spectra Quest. Currently, QirraSound Technologies Europe AB has a fairly comprehensive training program in sound and vibration and the joint platform is hence very extensive and powerful. QirraSound Technologies Europe AB will sell, and support all SpectraQuest products in Europe.

Spectra Quest, Inc. (, Richmond, Virginia, USA) is a leading provider of education with focus on professional education and training, business training but also some university courses are current. Spectra Quest has developed very educational training system vibration field which is an important topic in many sectors. Through these systems, and course materials, students can become experts in bearings, gearboxes, planetary gears, balancing shafts, rotating machinery, mechanical systems, etc. and how to deal with harmful vibrations. It also features a training system for state analysis (Condition Based Monitoring, CBM), which is a rapidly expanding field internationally. Thomas Lago is chairman of the industrial part of the international society ISCM (International Society for Condition Monitoring). Wind turbines often suffer from vibrations that reduce life expectancy and increasing maintenance and Spectra Quest has developed a variety of wind turbines in “miniature size” (the rotor blades are about 3 feet) that can be used for training in the area. This includes large fans that can create complex wind conditions and therefore handle realistic conditions that become important in these industrial training systems.


October 15 and 16, OLF Inventory AB and QirraSound Technologies Europe AB will participate together with T-Emballage at Empack-2014 exhibition/fair in Kista/Stockholm.