Old Churches in Sweden

We have conducted a number of demonstrations in various churches. These churches are often very old. The following is a partial list of these demonstrations. In general, one can say that it is difficult to handle sound in these churches. Reverberation times are often long and the premises are well suited for sacred music. Speakers may complicate the situation and give acoustic feedback problems and poor speech intelligibility. Despite this, the churches are often used for concerts, but sometimes with questionable results. Moreover, it is not unusual to have a “large deviation from the”shoebox” desired room shape.” Some of the visitors are sitting on the sides and/or on the balcony. This further complicate the sound situation. However, this is good for Qirra Sound since the even sound spread in such place is extreme and the application is hence very beneficial for the properties of a Qirra Sound audio system.

Hultsjö 4Hultsjö
This is the first state church where a Qirra Sound demo was held in Sweden. We have achieved very good results even though we only used one Baldur. We placed the speakers next to the area where the performers standing/sitting (the red chairs to the left front of the photo). The venue has a pretty good acoustics that are suitable for sacred and concert music. We will likely perform some concerts during autumn 2014 where Qirra Sound will be responsible for the sound.  Thomas Lagö handled the sound. http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=962876

Eksjö kyrka 3Eksjö
This church has a reputation in regards to sound quality and many claim that “we do not hear what they say.” Qirra Sound has received many comments on this theme. Therefore, this was a good church for a demo. We got very good results even though we only used a Baldur (the little speaker). However, we hope to return and do a demo with a slightly larger systems and more demanding applications. It is probable that it is enough to add a Thor II (subwoofer). We hope that we can accomplish a concert that put high demands on an audio system. This would be a really good test and the likelihood that Qirra Sound can handle this concert well is high. Thomas Lagö handled the sound. http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=713183

Stockaryd 8Stockaryd
This church has a lot of wood in their design, which is often favourable acoustically. The reverberation time is a little shorter than the “stone churches” and is also seen as a little “hotter” in nature. We got excellent results even though we only used one Baldur. We tested many arrangements with the played music and artists but we have not performed any concert yet. This would be a good church for an installation. Thomas Lagö handled the sound. http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=962856 http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=962856

Vallsjö 5Vallsjö kyrka in Sävsjö
Vallsjö church is also an ancient and beautiful church that is well worth a visit. This church gave excellent results even though we only used one Baldur. Two audio courses have been held for their staff where this church and the church hall was used as a teaching facility. It is convenient to be in the “right environment” when to show what different strategies involved will do. They have noticed a big difference before / after the courses. The courses focused  on improved speech intelligibility. A video on YouTube shows how a singer’s sound level barely changed while the camera moves down the aisle. Thomas Lagö handled the sound. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGXO2BmAHnk).

Vrigstad 1

This church gave very good results even though we only used one Baldur. A test was performed at a concert where Baldur was located at the front without the priest and the artists knew about this. After the concert came a number of people from the audience came forward and said: “What has happened to the church? We could hear everything today?” Moreover, the artists collected over how they could hear each other and perform better. This is one of the advantages of QirraSound. During the past year, they have been busy with a very expensive “mold repair” why the initial investment has been prioritized down. Thomas Lagö handled the sound. http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=953881

Mantorp 1Östra Tollstad
This church in East Tollstad have a good acoustics and is therefore used for many television recordings of concerts. Many top artists play there but also make recordings. We could see very good results even though we only used a Baldur. We installed, however, the entire system (2x Odin and Baldur 2x plus 1x Thor II) but only used the Baldur and Thor II. They could not believe that four speakers could produce such good sound. When we told them that we just used one of the speakers, the Baldur to the right, they were quite surprised. It turned out that there was no real advantage to use all four speakers. It became higher audio quality (speech intelligibility) with only one speaker. Thomas Lagö handled the sound. http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=647450

This church is very old and has an interesting history. We could see very good results even though we only used a Baldur. These troublesome churches with substantial reverb and widespread seating creates problems for traditional speakers. With Qirra Sound it is possible to obtain completely different results. Thomas Lagö handled the sound. http://www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=641080 http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%A4rna_kyrka