The USA founders

Thomas L. Lagö, Ph.D

Chief Scientist and CTO, plus Chairman

Dr. Thomas Lagö is globally accomplished in the upper echelons of the sound and vibration area. Dr. Thomas Lagö has “4” Post Doctoral degrees in conflicting scientific disciplines and consults with organizations such as NASA, Rolls Royce, ABB, Volvo, SAAB, Scania, Boeing, Atlas Copco, TATA, Indian Navy, and many other world leading organizations. Dr. Thomas Lagö has implemented paradigm shifting technologies around the world and presents advanced classes to these companies to assist them in solving problems in advanced acoustic and vibration applications. Thomas Lagö has more than 40 years of industrial experience and has worked for companies including Hewlett-Packard (today Agilent Technologies). Dr Thomas Lagö is a creative, enthusiastic, high-achieving executive with outstanding performance based on a solid education. Formerly, President and Chief Scientist of a $9 million leading USA sales company in the Sound & Vibration business. Prior responsibility reflects outstanding career growth and progress through various high-tech businesses, including European Product Line Manager for Hewlett Packard’s Dynamic Signal Analyzer Products, as well as multi functional responsibilities including sales and marketing, strategic planning, engineering, but also finance and human resource leadership. Dr. Thomas Lagö has a vast practical experience. Lagö teaches sound and vibration courses and applicable mitigation methods on an international basis and has given courses for and many international universities and expert groups. His practical experience is vast and he is very practically oriented despite his thorough theoretical education and experience. His solutions and courses have helped many teams better their environment and solve challenging problems without spending huge money. Dr Thomas Lagö has become a BINDT Fellow, (British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing) and he is the Industrial Chair for ISCM – The International Society for Condition Monitoring. Thomas Lagö is also involved in a number of other scientific organizations like IIAV, International Institute for Acoustics and Vibration and is also serving as a Board of Directors member for (current and past): SEM-IMAC (Society for Experimental Acoustics), SAE (Society for Automotive Engineering, NVC), ICSV (International Institute for Sound and Vibration), SVIB (Scandinavian Vibration Society). He is also an AES member and participates in multiple standardization groups for sound in concert halls, movie theatres and speaker systems. Thomas Lagö is author of more than 300 scientific papers, written multiple chapters in international textbooks and holds more than 25 patent/ patent applications and has received multiple awards. He has almost 5000 international contacts on Linkedin and more than 19000 personal contacts in his CRM database. Dr. Thomas Lagö was the Chairman of the VISIR initiative, a virtual platform for labs, and founded the name. Thomas Lagö is also the Chancellor for Medison University, a global and international university with a focus on e-Learning, MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) and MOOLs (Massive Open On-line Labs). Thomas Lagö has been involved in writing multiple books like:

  • The VISIR Open Lab Platform accepted for publication in Internet Accessible Remote Laboratories: Scalable E-learning Tools for Engineering and Science Disciplines, M. E. Auer, V. J. Harward and A. K. M. Azad (ed.), IGI Global, 2011.
  • Chapter 10, “Digital Processing of Vibration Signals”, in “Engineering Principles of Mechanical Vibration,”by Douglas D. Reynolds, published by Trafford, eBook ISBN 9781426907982, Print ISBN 9781426907968, 2009.
  • Chapter 9, “VIBRATION MEASUREMENTS”, in “Engineering Principles of Mechanical Vibration,” by Douglas D. Reynolds, published by Trafford, eBook ISBN 9781426907982, Print ISBN 9781426907968, 2009.
  • “COLLABORATE, The Art of WE, combining capabilities to create new opportunities for success,” by Dan Sanker, Jossey-Bass, An Imprint of John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-1-118-11472-8, 2012.

Key Awards

  • “Best Poster Paper Award,” at the 16th Symposium on Vehicle Dynamics held at the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics, in Pretoria, South Africa, September 1999.
  • Award for the successful work of developing the Blekinge Institute of Technology together with the industry in collaborative projects. The award was given by the Blekinge county industry group.
  • Best patent award.
  • Thomas Lagö was awarded “Outstanding Professor/Researcher” in his petition for a US Immigration “Green Card.”
  • “Best Session Paper Award” at the WCNDT – World Conference for Non-Destructive Testing, Durban, South Africa, April 2012 (1500 attendees from 90 countries).

Alan Boyer, Ph.D, MBA, LTCL, ALCM (RIP, 2019)

CEO for former Qirra Sound Technologies LLC, USA

Dr. Alan Boyer’s career is sound and vibration spans almost thirty years. He has been Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, and COO for a leading design and manufacturing company of sound and vibration instrumentation. He has also owned his own international company and during his career, has been awarded many high level contracts with organizations including; London’s Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted airports, NASA, Boeing, Land Rover, Jaguar, US Airforce, and others. Dr. Boyer is also an accomplished musician and performed as a teenage virtuoso trumpeter and professional conductor. The combination of many years as a musician, acoustics/vibration executive and entrepreneur give Qirra Sound Technologies and outstanding chance for success in the three target market categories of Industrial, Pro-Audio, and Audiophile. Dr. Alan Boyer was born in England and graduated from Sheffield University, England, studying education, psychology and music. Boyer has more than 25 years of experience in the sound and vibration industry and has worked at all levels of the organization. In 1998, after heading the development of the Larson Davis, Inc. European Office, Boyer moved to the USA to become manager of the corporate marketing department and was subsequently appointed to the position of Senior Vice-President and COO. One of his most important projects was the formation of a strategic alliance between leading international companies in the area of sound and vibration. This successful alliance drew great international attention and began to change the way that collaborative relationships were formed and nurtured in the industry. Other projects successfully led by Dr. Boyer include sound detection systems for the airports of London Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. He has also delivered test and measurement systems to Land Rover, Honda, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Cars, Lotus Cars, Ford Motor Company, Vauxhall (GM), and others. Boyer has also carried out projects regarding ISO 9002 (for the European office) and ISO 9001 certification for the corporate office in the USA. Dr. Boyer implemented and oversaw projects in relation to product catalog, data sheet, instruction manual design drawing on his background in education, instructional psychology and sales/marketing. Dr. Boyer is much sought after as a consultant on all areas of business and enjoys working with start-up companies and home based business owners. His teaching, presenting, seminar, and public speaking abilities are extremely effective and his combination of presenting thorough material combined with his English sense of humor, enables him to teach in a very effective manner. Boyer’s consulting activities have been to various USA and European based businesses (established and start-up) in diverse industries such as Neutraceutical, Nano Science, Cosmetics, Acoustics/Vibration, and others. Boyer is an accomplished musician and conducts medium to large music ensembles. He is a Licentiate of Trinity College of Music and an Associate of the London College of Music. As a teenager, he was an accomplished virtuoso trumpeter. He began to conduct at the age of fifteen and has directed many ensembles in Europe and the USA. In 2006, Dr. Boyer was presented with the National Arts and Humanities Award by Provo Arts Council for services to the arts in Utah and throughout the USA. Dr. Boyer sits on a number of for profit and not for profit boards in the areas of business and music/arts. As CEO of Qirra Sound Technologies LLC, Tech Fuzion, and Embla Global, LLC, Dr. Boyer brings important leadership skills and high levels of success and expertise to the organization both in the USA and European teams.