The Phat Pack in Las Vegas

Plaza 5The group Phat Pack in Las Vegas used to perform at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. We had the privilege of being the team that handled their sound. The theatre can seat about 600 people and has a fan shape. Over the years they have had substantial sound problems. The sound was too loud near the stage and those who sat at the sides and under the balcony could not hear properly. They had placed more than 25 speakers with time delays, but it did not help that much. Major complaints from visitors happened frequently. With Qirra Sound, only one speaker on stage (no monitors) and two speakers for the venue had to be used (plus subwoofer), located just to the side of the stage floor. All attendees in the whole room could suddenly hear, even under the balcony? The artists were able to move freely and were not limited by the monitor speakers, Still, they could hear each other perfectly no matter where they were in the room. Thomas Lagö and the USA team handled the sound.

Qirra Sound™ changes the paradigm and the performers can become even more professional. This is how the Phat Pack artists describe how they perceived the Qirra Sound:

The sound was so clean it was magical – Jonathan Gorst, Musicals NY/Vegas

I performed much better – Randal Keith/Jean Valjean in Les Miserables

I have never heard anything like it – Ted Keegan/Phantom of the Opera

Phat PackThe Qirra Sound Experience

As Musical Director for the Broadway National Tours of “Cats” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” I have experienced sound systems in the finest performing arts centers in the United States and Canada. There were too many occasions where the system didn’t perform to expectations and inhibit the performance due to lack of clarity and control.

When I experienced the Qirra sound system, I was amazed by the crystal clear quality of the sound and the power it delivered with a fraction of the hardware in a conventional system. The even distribution of sound across a large space was unparalleled. My mind was made up to employ this system in a theater here in the United States.

I became the Entertainment Director for the main showroom at the Plaza hotel and casino in Las Vegas earlier this year. I immediately sought out Qirra to supply the sound system. Since its installation, we have experienced purely positive feedback from audience members and production staff for its clarity and ability to transcend the traditional concepts of sound design.  I would recommend this system to any venue that is looking to reach its audience with quality and clarity of sound. /Jonathan Gorst, Entertainment Director

The Phat Pack: Ted Keegan

When traveling on the road in a show such as The Phantom of the Opera, one of the most difficult things is consistency of sound.  When I was playing the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, we would be changing theaters every 4 to 8 weeks.  So, once you would finally get used to the sound in the theater – it was time to move on.  On the road, you have to rely on your technique so much.  It is so easy to over-sing when you are in a new space.  You constantly have to keep checking to make sure you are not doing anything that is going to jeopardize being able to do 8 shows a week.  And finding that consistency of sound is almost impossible, no matter how wonderful your sound person may be.

My experience with QirraSound has completely altered my onstage experience.  In the production of The Phat Pack, which I am performing in now, it is all about balance.  There are three of us singing tight harmonies and our awareness of each other is paramount for the show to work.  When we first began we had a different sound system and we felt we had to start over every night getting our levels correct to do the show.  And after the show we were exhausted.

Now, we are working with QirraSound and the experience couldn’t be greater.  No matter where we are on stage or in the house, our ability to hear each other and blend is effortless.  At times, it feels as though we are completely acoustic.  We hear each other beautifully, we don’t over-sing and we are ready to start another show as soon as the first one is over.  We are able to just sing and know that the sound is going to be right.  From our softest sounds to our loudest, the clarity is there.  We check our microphones for a couple of minutes before the show and we are ready to go. There is no 15 to 20 minute sound check working on getting a balance.  Our levels are set and we are ready to go!  There is such a comfort in know that you do not have to worry about the sound.  We are able to take that layer of concern off our plate and give the audience what they came to hear; clear, clean, tight harmonies and beautiful sound.  We on stage hear what you hear in the house!  What an amazing experience for all!  QirraSound lets us come in and do our job with consistency, clarity and joy./ Ted Keegan, Former Phantom of the Opera, Member of The Phat Pack

The Phat Pack: Randal Keith

I have been singing professionally for over 30 years and have starred on Broadway and around the world with some pretty great sound systems. Or so I thought. QirraSound has redefined how I hear music. The clarity is amazing no matter how loud or soft I sing. I no longer have to second guess the mix. The sound that I hear onstage is the same sound the audience hears. With no feedback I have the freedom to go anywhere onstage or out in the house. QirraSound actually allows me to sing better and easier which means I can sing much longer without getting vocally tired. It’s going to be really hard to ever go back to any other system. /Randal Keith, Former Jean Valjean in Les Miserable, Member of The Phat Pack