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QirraSound emanates from the industrial (ANVC) and audiophile industry. We further developed the speakers so that we can deliver complete systems in Pro -Audio, both indoors and outdoors. Performance is so bewildering that many find it hard to believe. A demo proves, however, that it is possible.

QirraSound represents a paradigm shift in sound. There are not any group , audio expert , professor or singers who do not confirmed this. It’s such a big step that you can not explain it but it must be experienced. QirraSound breaking many previous “truths” in audio why even audio experts often scratch their heads and wonder how we managed to do this ? !

It is common that we need to install a factor of 10 fewer speakers than with classical technology. It sounds too good to be true but tests prove the claim.
Odin II b2 no background template some areas affected massively by QirraSound are:

  • The sound spreads through the room , everywhere, despite a small number of speakers.
  • You experience no ” speaker sound ” like a river in the face. It feels as if the speakers are not artists but only became “stronger” sounding .
  • You get more freedom on stage and artists hear each other much better. This became especially clear when tex Ted Keegan (Phantom of the Opera) and his team sang together in Las Vegas. They were three people who were singing and not directly conditioned , even with the audience. They were captured and amazed at the big difference from classical sound system.
  • Speech recognition is huge and even people with hearing loss can suddenly hear what is being sung and said .
  • Even if the sound is pretty strong one experiences no pain or ” fatigue in the ears .” We have conducted many tests and can report results as required. Osmond Hearing Foundation in the United States are working on this area , and Justin Osmond who have a genetic hearing loss could suddenly hear things he never heard before.
  • The need for monitor speakers radically reduced. Moreover , we can place QirraSound behind the actors without classic runout problems. We have shown that in many applications can sit right in front of the speaker without getting feedback.
  • You can converse with ” neighbor ” without being disturbed by the sound from the speakers.
  • QirraSound can handle any type of music or sounds with the same system. We have successfully tested with modern electronic music, with extremely good results. In several cases, told the man to other audio system has broken down after driving tests with these ” digital signals ” .
  • Many plays (like a CD or DVD) suddenly get a new dimension and one hears sounds that could not be seen before.

Vi has conducted many demonstrations both in the U.S. and in Sweden. We have a solid material documenting the excellent results achieved despite few speakers.

We have also shown that you can successfully “add” some QirraSound speakers to an existing system and quickly and easily improve speech intelligibility . This has been tested in connection with the A / B test . The best sound is obtained , however, when only QirraSound used but as a “quick fix” to a “parallel run ” be current . It provides clear and good results right away.

Contact us for a demo in your application.