Qirra Sound’s Sound

Qirra Sound™ represents a completely new generation of loudspeaker and sound system technologies. The short presentation shown below can be used to effectively highlight many of Qirra Sound’s features and benefits in a concise two minute presentation.

You are at a concert and the sound feels as if it’s tearing the skin off your face. Your ears are pounding despite wearing some earplugs. The sound is very loud but you cannot hear what they sing. The performers seem to have challenges with the monitor speakers and sometimes they sing out of tune. You start to dream:

  • What if I could enjoy a concert?
  •  What if I didn’t need to wear earplugs?
  •  What if the monitor speakers could be removed so that the sound quality isn’t ruined?
  •  What if the feedback problems could be almost eliminated?
  • What if the sound could be heard everywhere, even in the far corners?
  •  What if I could stand directly in front of the loudspeakers without feeling any pain or hearing loss?
  • What if I could hear the words of the songs, even if my hearing is impaired?
  •  What if I could still have a conversation – anywhere in the room and even in front of the loudspeakers?

Qirra Sound™ changes the paradigm and this is NOT a dream – it’s a reality!

Major artists describe the sound as:

  • The most fantastic sound I have ever heard – Merrill and Nathan Osmond, mega artists
  • Magical and incredibly good – Theresa Ellis: world renowned fiddler
  • The sound was so clean it was magical – Jonathan Gorst: Conductor of Broadway Musicals NY/Las Vegas
  • I performed much better than ever – Randal Keith: Jean Valjean in Les Misérables
  •  I have never heard anything like it – Ted Keegan: Phantom of the Opera

Qirra Sound™ cannot be explained – it has to be experienced!

That is why we have the tag line: Experience the Experience!

Do you want to know how you can experience this too? Contact us!