SpectraQuest Inc.

SpectraQuest  wind mill 3 LRSpectra Quest, Inc. (www.spectraquest.com, Richmond, Virginia, USA) is a leading provider of education with focus on professional education and training, business training but also some university courses are current. Spectra Quest has developed very educational training system vibration field which is an important topic in many sectors. Through these systems, and course materials, students can become experts in bearings, gearboxes, planetary gears, balancing shafts, rotating machinery, mechanical systems, etc. and how to deal with harmful vibrations. It also features a training system for state analysis (Condition Based Monitoring, CBM), which is a rapidly expanding field internationally. Thomas Lagö is chairman of the industrial part of the international society ISCM (International Society for Condition Monitoring). Wind turbines often suffer from vibrations that reduce life expectancy and increasing maintenance and Spectra Quest has developed a variety of wind turbines in “miniature size” (the rotor blades are about 3 feet) that can be used for training in the area. This includes large fans that can create complex wind conditions and therefore handle realistic conditions that become important in these industrial training systems.

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