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Shakespeare Utah 1QIRRA SOUND Provides Audio System to the UTAH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL

— Quality sound is essential for the success of live performances of any kind. But when a venue such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival produces plays with live or recorded music, this diversity of performances magnifies the issue, and leaves event organizers with the impossible task of choosing an audio system that will fully deliver. On too many occasions, audio systems do not perform to expectations and inhibit performance due to lack of clarity and control.

Thanks to its continuous growth and success over the years, the Utah Shakespeare Festival is undertaking some expansion projects. During this effort, the executives of the Festival have attended a demonstration organized by Qirra Sound; crystal clear sound quality, power, and even distribution of sound over a large space were delivered with a fraction of the hardware found in conventional systems.

“We are ecstatic to be part of the 2014 Utah Shakespeare Festival.” said Dr. Alan Boyer, Qirra Sound’s CEO. “With its outdoor performances featuring both music and spoken words, the Utah Shakespeare Festival is an ideal ground for Qirra Sound’s loudspeakers to demonstrate their versatility. Most loudspeakers are able to handle only a handful of purposes or styles of music. As our engineers have completely re-thought sound reproduction design, we have found out that our speakers allow venues such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival to offer perfect clarity of sound with both music and spoken words.”

Utah Shakespeare Festival Executive Director, R. Scott Phillips, adds, “The Greenshow has been enjoying increased success over the years, becoming an attraction in and of itself; but with the increasing crowds, providing even distribution of quality sound has been a real challenge. Qirra Sound’s speakers are giving us what we are looking for in distribution even as far away as 200 feet.”

About Qirra Sound Technologies

Qirra Sound™ creates and provides paradigm-shifting technology in reproduced and reinforced sound for placement in the areas of Pro-Sound, Home Theater, and Industrial market segments. By breaking-off from how sound reproduction devices have been traditionally designed, Qirra Sound’s loudspeakers and super-amplifiers remove limitations that sound professionals and performers thought unavoidable until now. Qirra Sound’s™ technology is as game changing to the music/sound industry as Dolby™ noise reduction, surround sound, and THX were, when they were introduced. For more information see Qirra Sound’s website at www.QirraSound.com .

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About The Utah Shakespeare Festival

The Utah Shakespeare Festival, located in Cedar City, Utah, is an annual festival dedicated to the presentation of repertory theater, which illuminates the human condition in an atmosphere where playgoers can watch, participate in and be immersed in experiences which entertain, enrich and educate. Tickets are on sale for the Festival’s 53rd season, which will run from June 23 to October 18, 2014. The eight-play season includes Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, The Comedy of Errors, Henry IV Part One, and Twelfth Night.  The season will also include the world premiere adaptation of Jane Austen’sSense and Sensibility written by Joseph Hanreddy and J.R. Sullivan, Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods, Steven Dietz’s adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’sSherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, and Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti. For more information and tickets visit www.bard.org or call 1-800-PLAYTIX.

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