Veteran’s Day Concert

Veterans day SLC LRWe were asked to handle the sound on Veteran’s Day Concert in the Capital Building in Salt Lake, Utah. The venue is extremely difficult but our sound system was able to handle the 4 second reverberation and echoes extremely well. We got top marks and this was important to us. Senators, mayors, generals, and many others were there in addition to artists and visitors (2000 people). We used two speakers on the stage, and two speakers for the room. It was almost the same sound level and quality in all seats despite the bad acoustics. The performers that sang were: Nathan Osmond, Collin Raye, Kurt Bestor, Jeff Senour and Utah National Guard Army Concert Band. Nathan Osmond had demanded that Qirra Sound should handle the sound if he should sing! Thomas Lagö handled the sound.American Highrise 1 LR

Odin II USA web 1 LR