White Paper

Qirra Sound™ represents a completely new generation of loudspeaker and sound system technologies. The short presentation shown below can be used to effectively highlight many of Qirra Sound’s features and benefits in a concise two minute presentation.

You are at a concert and the sound feels as if it’s tearing the skin off your face. Your ears are pounding despite wearing some earplugs. The sound is very loud but you cannot hear what they sing. The performers seem to have challenges with the monitor speakers and sometimes they sing out of tune. You start to dream:

  • What if I could enjoy a concert?
  •  What if I didn’t need to wear earplugs?
  •  What if the monitor speakers could be removed so that the sound quality isn’t ruined?
  •  What if the feedback problems could be almost eliminated?
  • What if the sound could be heard everywhere, even in the far corners?
  •  What if I could stand directly in front of the loudspeakers without feeling any pain or hearing loss?
  • What if I could hear the words of the songs, even if my hearing is impaired?
  •  What if I could still have a conversation – anywhere in the room and even in front of the loudspeakers?

Qirra Sound™ changes the paradigm and this is NOT a dream – it’s a reality!

Major artists describe the sound as:

  • The most fantastic sound I have ever heard – Merrill and Nathan Osmond, mega artists
  • Magical and incredibly good – Theresa Ellis: world renowned fiddler
  • The sound was so clean it was magical – Jonathan Gorst: Conductor of Broadway Musicals NY/Las Vegas
  • I performed much better than ever – Randal Keith: Jean Valjean in Les Misérables
  •  I have never heard anything like it – Ted Keegan: Phantom of the Opera

Qirra Sound™ cannot be explained – it has to be experienced!

That is why we have the tag line: Experience the Experience!

Why is there such a vast difference compared to traditional loudspeakers that are based on current technologies?

  • We have linearized the loudspeakers by utilizing a second loudspeaker element (not visible outside the box) that “cancels errors” and increases the sound level by more than 10dB.
  • The loudspeakers are designed with dynamic signals in mind, not static, as in traditional speakers. White or pink noise and/or a tone are typically used for design and testing of traditional loudspeaker systems. When building a sound system with excellent dynamic properties, a completely different foundation for design and measurement approaches must be used. We have implemented these new testing modalities in order to genuinely provide accurately performing loudspeakers.
  • The phase properties are linear over the audible range. This implies that all frequencies in a signal are being “delayed” in the system to an equal level. They will arrive “at location” at “the same time.” This requires the actual bandwidth to be much larger since the phase (time delay) begins to change before the amplitude rolls off. Hence, we typically address frequencies from 12 Hz up to 50 kHz. This is part of the ability to correctly deal with dynamic signals. The transient signal will be “smeared out over time” if phase is not linear. Resonances in the box will also add to the phase shifts, especially when the element retracts. The main challenge is, however, the loudspeaker element. It is acting like a mass-spring system where these resonances are very prominent when transients are the input signal.
  • The loudspeakers are extremely fast due to the “linearization system.” The resonances that typically “mix and smear” short duration transients (dynamic signals) are extremely small when using Qirra Sound™. A 12” woofer found in a Qirra Sound Loudspeaker is typically much faster than a traditional 2” element. The response time is typically 50 us for the 12″ Qirra Sound element. A traditional speaker often has a response time of 11-50 ms. These “extra movements” (resonances), that will be added after a transient is injected when using traditional loudspeakers, will decrease speech intelligibility.
  • The filters used to separate low and high frequency components have been designed for dynamic signals. Traditional loudspeakers are designed for stationary signals (that is “old” state-of the-art mathematics). Additionally, we have made sure that the dynamic range is high and distortion very low. This results in better speech intelligibility and clarity, which is paramount for a Qirra Sound™ system.
  • Qirra Sound™ loudspeakers are not genre prejudiced, which means that unlike traditional loudspeakers, they sound natural no matter what type of music is being played. This is due to Qirra Sound’s™ Smart-Genre-Sensibility™ approach where the listener experiences an incredibly natural sound. Therefore, Qirra Sound™ can be used for any type of music genre and it will always sound authentic. Qirra Sound™ loudspeakers have been tested using Techno, House, Dub-Step and other electronic music genres, all to great effect. Qirra Sound™ loudspeakers added a new dimension to the music according to a number DJs. Incredibly, Qirra Sound™ loudspeakers were not blown out during Techno Music tests!
  • Very few loudspeakers are needed since the spatial spread is uniquely excellent. This is valid for outdoor applications too. The speakers are, in principal, spreading sound 180 degrees in all directions. Additionally, sound pressure decreases with distance at a lower rate than with traditional speakers, and we are not using “phased arrays” or “line arrays”. This has been proved in multiple tests, both indoor and outdoor using Type-1 professional Sound Level Meters combined with listening tests by experts. The scaling factor is often 10 Qirra Sound™ loudspeakers to 1 traditional speaker. Sometimes, the ratio can be a little less or substantially more.
  • Qirra Sound™ has extremely good speech intelligibility since the transient (dynamic) signal remains intact with a very low “deformation” in time domain. This implies that the sound is crisp and clear and the brain can therefore suppress disturbances on a higher level. Let us explain. The brain’s ability to separate and suppress is highly related to the clarity or speech intelligibility. This has been tested and proven in numerous tests both in the USA and Sweden. It has shown that rooms with “bad acoustics” suddenly feel “less bad” and older people have exclaimed: “What happened with the room/church?”
  • People with a hearing defect will, in general, perceive a major improvement since speech intelligibility is so high. Also, hearing fatigue, when listening for longer periods of time have not been observed as compared to traditional loudspeakers. Even when standing in front of the loudspeaker, the sound level feels good and does not create pain, TTS (Temporary Threshold Shift), or other hearing challenges.
  • Feedback problems have decreased since the loudspeaker does not shift the phase as traditional speakers do. This does not mean that it is impossible to create feedback since reflexes in the room and/or the microphones can contribute to phase shifts. However, with Qirra Sound™, the feedback problems are always drastically reduced when compared to traditional loudspeaker systems. From many tests, it has been demonstrated that you can stand right in front of the speaker while singing or playing, and the room is filled with quality sound, with no feedback!

We hope that this ”white paper” will help in understanding the breakthrough and uniqueness of Qirra Sound™. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.