Whole Body and Hand Arm Applications

This arena has often a clear medical focus. Vibrations can generate “white fingers” and other challenges to the hand-arm system. Transient vibrations can generate harmful impact on the spine in vehicle applications. The QirraSound team members have conducted many projects in this arena. Handling stationary vibrations is a rather easy and straightforward task. That is not the case for transient or complex signals. The transient vibrations can easily lead to challenging measurement situations where a background in sampling and applied signal processing comes in handy. Below, a project is depicted that comes from a harbor application where the authorities has claimed “green light” for continued operation despite many of the drivers being on sick leave and having medical issues. Our measurements and analysis came to a quite different result.
Vehicle and Seat Vibrations ITAB 2012.ppt

The difference is a result of lack of understanding on how to sample and analyze transient signals.

The worked conduct contained Whole body and Hand-arm vibration analysis with both monitoring and classification for CM applications. The medical aspect was the #1.

The ErgoAir No-Jolt seat was used in these tests.